Patricija Soršak

Experience: 7 years

Length of Work: Since 2017

About me

I am a Slovenian biopsychologist who came to Germany in year 2016. My path to the psychologist career was already clear in my early adolesce. I always knew it’s not only the career but it’s my calling. The reason for my decision to study biopsychology instead of psychology was pure curiosity – to know more about the connection between our bodies and our souls. It gave me new perspectives of mental health. Right after I finished my studies, I moved to Germany and started to work in the area of reintegration.

During my work experience I am dealing with a wide range of mental disorders. But the most important fact that we all learn during our work experience is definitely: that a disorder doesn’t define us, we are all just people with different life experience and with different predispositions. And MY mission, is to help YOU find your way to better mental state.

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